About TMS
About TMS

Traffic Management Solutions (TMS) is a comprehensive solutions platform for all traffic related matters.

TMS provides State appointed traffic officers with a platform to carry out their duties of maintaining compliance to and the enforcement of traffic laws in a professional and courteous manner. TMS also facilitates and allows the real-time capture and processing of traffic violations and incidents, the review of video and picture data of processed violations, the execution of the right to legally challenge such processed violations and many other functions.

The up-to-date Information Centre provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and also contains pertinent information such as a comprehensive list of traffic laws and their prescribed fines when violated.

TMS has a robust platform which includes learning modules with easy to assimilate animated representations of traffic laws and the effects their violations generally have on traffic flow. The Eyewitness function allows road users the opportunity to also play a role in reducing traffic gridlocks by reporting observed traffic offences, vehicle breakdowns, dysfunctional traffic lights, faded road markings etc, positioning everyone as a potential change maker in the traffic situation.

TMS also has a beautiful Mobile App, available for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store, which makes all these functions very easily available on mobile devices.